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remember when u said lip would be ur karkat


//—i h ave now realized if i had an fc for jake it would probs be justin chatwin

”Are You Gonna Leave?”


"Everybody always leaves…"

"I won’t."


It’s really not fair what you did. Did you even stop think how your actions would effect the people around you?

UHM. yes he fucking did. he thought about it a lot. he did and he told me about it the night he came back. he told me he has no explanation of his actions and he’s fucking sorry. he’s sorry he came back and he knows it wasn’t fair??? but he came back because we loved him and missed him. WE wanted him back.

Dirk, Roxy, Jane, Marci? You hurt every. Single. One of them, and you just show up, like nothing happened?

yes. he hurt us.  but, you’re fucking wrong. he didn’t act like nothing happened. you weren’t there. you didn’t see how he fucking acted.

 You don’t even realize you coming /back/, is hurting people. 


literally what the fuck who is he hurting. he’s not hurting anyone that he loves by being back.

You’re ruining someone’s life, and all you care about, is yourself.


unless he’s ruining your life, you’re fucking wrong. him being back isn’t ruining any of his friends’ lives?

Selfish. That’s what you are.

it was selfish of him to leave. not to come back. we love him, we’re fucking thankful. i’m selfish for wanting him to come back.


if you think jake is hurting me by being back you can fucking take it up with me because jake is literally my best friend in the entire world and i’m so thankful he’s back and so is dirk so don’t you fucking dare ever say he’s hurting us right now


He is not just an egocentric. he doesn’t do anything but screw up everything and create troubles in a perfectly united group.

I’m still waiting for him to do something useful


Jake is a totally dispensable character


he contributes nothing to homestuck and does nothing more than bring trouble


Dirk, Jane and Roxy could be a lot better without him


if he is that popular it’s just because of Dirk and their “otp”


open your eyes


nothing about his character is worth it


 I hope he sacrifices himself and do something useful for once in his life

Jake might not be the most awesome character or the most flawless one. but he is still my favorite one.



"Heaven? Might be shooting a bit high there, Jake. Heaven’s obviously the movie theater." He’s joking mostly,but still. He has to stifle a little grin at Jake being excited. Dirk’s eyes flick around, looking at his surroundings. Not too many people. Thank fucking god. He heads up to whoever fucking takes the money to get in for chuck.e. cheese’s and pays.

"Good point, Dirk! The movie theater is indeed heaven—No, actually, anywhere with you is heaven, Dirk Strider." Jake grinned, doing his famous double-pistols and a wink. Smooth, Jake. Very Smooth. He follows the other, puffing out his cheeks as he sees him pay. "Hey! I was going to do that!" He frowns to himself, deciding next time they go anywhere, he’ll pay for everything. He then grabs Dirk’s hand, pulling him deeper inside the place before placing his hands on his hips in a triumphant matter. "Now! What to do first, chap?"



"—!" Yes! Very happy Marci noises, hands flailing a bit. "Yes. Jake, that is very much— good. I’m glad you both talk again, yes! I’m glad you guys are talking again, really. Dirk seemed very much sorta sad. I didn’t really like that. So. I was mad at you for that. And then I was sad at you because you left. And that was pretty dumb. So, I’m sorry for that, yes. But,  I am much glad you are here again. Pinky promise me?" She squeezes his hand, bouncing on her toes a bit. "I am the hecking best. The bestest magical girl ever, bucko. Don’t doubt it, please." Marci laughs, brushing her bangs away. "You know. You wanna know a thing. Yes. Okay. You do. I know. Right. Yes." Marci— shut the fuck up, Jesus. "Okay. So. I am the engaged thing." Sorta, kinda. Definitely! Yes, very much engaged. 

Jake chuckled happy, but looked down a bit, shifting his feet in a bit of a nervous fashion. “Ah—You don’t need to be sorry, really. You had every right to be angry, and upset. But I’m glad I’m back as well.” He lifts his head, smiling in a reassuring manner before reaching his hand out, his pinky wrapping around hers. “Pinky promise.” As his hand dropped from hers, he blinks a few times, wondering what she’s going to say. He’s not sure what kind of thing she’s going to tell him, but she seems pretty excited about it, and he couldn’t help but laugh. Of course, the laughing didn’t last long. It was taken over by shock. “You’re—You’re engaged?” Holy shit. How long had Jake actually been gone? She wasn’t even dating anyone when he was there. “Wait, who are you engaged to? Are they nice?” Of course they were nice, Jake. Look how happy she is. He couldn’t help but have questions, though. This is his best friend.